Chat without SPAM
(no banners, no advertisements, no nags, no spyware)
The current YahELite Full version is Build 331
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YahElite is a system friendly chat client for use with Yahoo Chat Services.
You can use it with, or instead of Yahoo Messenger™ as long as you don't login with the same account name in both.
YahELite's Improved spam protection offers filters by name, text, wildcard ignores and 'bot' behavior.
Boot resistance and resume session give you more control than ever before.
Welcome To YahELite

YahELite protects you
from 'boot codes', 'text floods', 'unwanted PMs', 'sound bombs', 'spam' and other mischief.
It runs on your PC
This unofficial, free, efficient and comfortable anti-SPAM chat client runs on windows 95 to XP and Linux WINE.
Use it at home
Download FULL YahELite (recommended) Includes the install/uninstall.
Travelling? Take your YahELite with you!
Read how to use your thumb drive or even your USB capable digital camera! as a travelling YahELite drive..
It is easy and it keeps your personal information private.
Away from home?
At a library or public terminal you can Open -or- Run minimal YahELite

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