Thumb Drive,Jump Drive,Pen Drive,USB Drive,Flash Drive,Floppy

Take your YahELite with you when you travel!

YahELite fits easily onto a floppy drive or USB drive so you can take your essential chat environment with you at work, or when you travel, or visit friends.

Keep your login information, passwords, local buddy list, ignore list etc. on your own personal removable media.

You can run it from your USB capable laptop, or your work PC, a PC at an internet cafe, or library, a friends PC, or anywhere that you can connect your tiny USB thumbdrive.

Here is how:
  1. Insert your thumbdrive or formatted floppy into your PC
  2. Start YahELite (you do not need to login to Yahoo)
  3. Enter the YahELite chat command /ycopy and press Enter.
  4. Follow the instruction on the YCOPY dialog.

Q: What version of YahELite do I need?
A: YahELite build 272 or higher.

Q: What size thumb drive do I need?
A: YahELite will fit on a normal floppy drive (1.4MB)
Thumb drives are typically MUCH larger than that, so ANY thumb drive should work fine.

Q: What type of thumb drive do I need USB-1 or USB-2?
A: YahELite doesn't care, as long as the thumb drive functions properly.
Q: Will YahELite be faster or slower on a thumbdrive?
A: Loading and shutting down YahELite may take longer, typical chat will be the same. Thumb drives come in a variety of speeds independant of the USB mode. For the purposes of chat with YahELite any properly functioning thumbdrive should be acceptable.

Q: Will YahELite be faster or slower on a floppy drive?
A: Slower. Loading and shutting down YahELite will take longer, typical chat will be the same

Q: Do voice and webcam work on a thumbdrive?
A: Yes and probably not. You can try using them and they might work.
YCOPY does copy over the yahelite voice and webcam files, but does not copy the Yahoo™ media DLLs.
For voice and webcam to work the Yahoo DLLS would need to be installed on the computer you chat with.
If you are using a public terminal or library computer those DLLs are probably not installed and your access/security rights would not allow you to install them.
If you want to install the Yahoo DLLS anyway you can download and run YCABBY
YCABBY will download the Yahoo DLLS and register them on the local PC.

Q: Is there anything else that is not available when using a thumb drive?
A: A thumb drive CAN contain everything that is used on a full insall but YCOPY does NOT do a full install, instead it copys only the essential files.
The following list shows some of the things that are NOT copied to the thumb drive, but if you copy them yourself they will work.